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Every band director wants to grow their band population and increase interest in the schools music program. There never seems to be enough time or resources to make it happen without feeling overwhelmed. To help you we have put together a simple and easy to use guide to walk you through the planning stages of band student recruitment all the way through to the end of parent meeting rental night. This "How To Guide" will save you days of work trying to figure out what to do, when to do it, how to do it, what to talk about and more. We have even thrown in ideas for year round student recruitment and how to set up a Teacher Resale Account so we can deliver student supplies directly to your school saving you time and energy!​

Start using these powerful strategies for FREE! 

  • Step by step spring recruitment
  • ​Step by step parent / rental meetings
  • ​Done for you parent letters!
  • Timelines for task preparation
  • ​Ideas for year round recruitment
  • ​How to create a Teacher Resale Account
  • ​Fundraising opportunities!

Take advantage of this helpful and FREE information! Simply Give us a call at 330-856-5509 or fill out the form below to recieve your valuable "How To Booklet" for absolutely no charge!

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